I’m a contemporary landscape printmaker who is drawn to wandering liminal landscapes, wayfaring in places that have a hinterland wilderness of their own.  These forgotten, rapidly industrialising spaces lay outside of our attention have an energy of their own and one of a post-human absence.  Here there is an eerie sense of otherness that informs both my processes and aesthetics. 

Intaglio printmaking methods enable me to produce plates that embosses the paper with an intrinsic physicality produced between the matrix and the print acknowledging these non-human and human agencies that are constantly fluctuating and coalescing into my own sense of place.

I have recently shown my work at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in London that annually showcases some of the best and upcoming national and international artists.

My work is inspired and informed by the artists Ros Ford, Peter Doig, Jeremy Gardiner and Richard Diebenkorn all with whom I share similar sensibilities.

“The Pipes; Severn Estuary”

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