These are an ongoing, yet to be completed series of more personal work. Through the use of the collograph printing process I create a matrix from mass produced materials which adds to the physicality of the prints. I’m interested how a sense of place shapes us as much as we are shape by liminal landscapes. The twelve years relates to the length of time I have lived in the this vast and mercurial landscape.

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Drawing with ink and reeds on Khadi recycled paper allows me to quickly capture  essence of a moment or place through the use of Notan principles, black and white (a Japanese principle of positive and negative space) I create balanced compositions that capture the energy of this liminal landscape.

Drawings Available for Sale


These are an extension of the printing matrix through casting processes that expresses similitude of continued interest in environmental issues. Investigating further the vibrant materiality and how this manifests within industrial this liminal landscapes.

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