Inspired by the large open skies of the Severn Esutary I seek to foster a deeper connection to the natural world, inviting contemplation and reflection on the beauty and wonder that surround us.  In these etching of gulls, flight, thermals and clouds that capture the fleeting essence of these moments and inspire a sense of awe and reverence for the boundless skies above. Gulls in flight evoke a sense of freedom and adventure, mirroring our own aspirations for liberation and exploration. The evolving patterns of clouds remind us of life’s impermanence and the endless possibilities that change can bring.

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Indigenous hawthorns are ubiquitous to the types of trees that grow in these liminal spaces between the warehouses and industrial areas. Such trees are often disregarded, considered expendable by the construction industry where very little woodland is left in UK.  These contorted and broken forms relate to how this landscape has become commodify and distorted by economic concerns.

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Below are of Indian Ink drawings on 100% recycled Khadi paper.

Black Rock Series

Lighthouse on Black Rock along the Welsh side of the river Severn.

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Indian ink drawings of the Suez energy recovery centre that sits on the banks of the river Severn in the UK.

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