12 View of Denny Isle

The focal point of each of these prints is the small outcrop, Denny Isle that sits on the horizon on the Severn Estuary in the UK.  They are an intended homage to Hokusai, 30 Views of Mount Fiji, where he uses the elemental landscape compose a sense of space in which everyday lives of people played out as part of the environment.  There is no sense of dominion within Japanese woodblock prints that is markedly different perspective to similar works in the west.  Using the same sense of scale, incised lines, and the abstracted minimalised spatial space these works to capture the sense of emptiness.  Using mass produced and recycled materials to make the collograph plates to create prints that leave the imprint formed from the carborundum, masking tape, cigarette card create a narrative between the how we impact upon the landscape, questioning our relationships with the environment.