It can’t be helped v1 It can’t be helped v2

Presentiments are preliminary drypoint prints of a lone oak tree that was transposed from photo taken shortly before its demise.  Despite being protected by a TPO (tree perseveration order) and the 1995 amendment to the 1957 act, this tree and the surrounding woodland have been destroyed by developers.   

The etchings of Francisco Goya Disasters of Wars inspired these prints and in particular his painting The Third of May 1808 in which the central figure, a peasant about to be shot is shown lit up holding his hands in the air in surrender and to meet inevitable and fatal end at the hands of the Napoleonic armies during the French occupation of Spain during the Peninsular War. Here the parallels relate to this narrative of futility in the face of opposition – It can’t be helped!

This microcosm of a current political and environment issue here in the UK is being played out across the country and throughout Europe. Illegal felling of woodlands and forest, or land take for development is a significant factor in the reduction in overall in woodland cover to overall coverage of only 13%.

Limited edition Dry Point fine art prints

Fabriano Unica, 250g [white]
Image size: 37.5 x 37.5cm [unframed]

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