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Awarded Kingslake-Jones Prize

I am honoured to have been selected from the many talented artists on the [BA] Drawing & Print undergraduates to have chosen for the Kingslake-Jones Prize. Though this was not something that I had been expecting it is nice to have something I love to do given some recognition, particularly in how much of the drawings were close observations of a changing landscape, marking what is now absence from the rapid industrialisation on the outskirt of Bristol. It all seems to be fitting together why drawing and printing are fundamental parts of my practice that I hope will bear witness to very poignant ecological issues as an emerging artist

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State of the Art 2021 prize: Printmaking Today

Super excited to announce that I was one of three graduates selected for the State of the Arts prize 2021 in the 120th issue of Printmaking Today. My work Broken series of lithographs that focuses both on ecological issues about the decline of forestry in the UK and the loss of my late mother and forms part of an ongoing body of work…

Printmaking Today:

Broken Series:

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National Tree Week

Trees are the lungs of the world without them we cannot breathe, what we do to them we do to ourselves. In relation to a host of event lead by the Tree Council for the national tree week from the 27th of November to the 5th of December 10% sales of Broken series of lithographs will be donated to planting more trees. These prints were a response to local tree felling by developers so investing in buying one of this prints will help in a small way to restore a little of what has been lost.